Soooo many ways which the Enjin concept can benefit both the game itself, as well as the gamers!

Not just for Cryptocurrency, the wallet is best in class for Collectible Cryptoassets as well!

First of all, they have one of the best wallets on the market, and definitely when it comes to storing cryptoassets! With the advent of the Enjin Multiverse, gamers are now more secure with their cryptoasset purchases. For those who are unfamiliar with the Enjin Multiverse, i'll break it down for you.

The way the Multiverse works is this... Games from different genres, made by different developers, for different companies, on different continents, all working together in a decentralized manner. They are tied together by a commitment. A commitment to the Enjin Multiverse. It may look complicated for a second, but read this next part a time or two, and I bet you get it!

Each Multiverse item, whether created by Enjin, or by a multiverse game, has a melt value. If you buy the item, you can always melt the item down and get some ENJ coin back.

Multiverse items, whether created by Enjin, or by a multiverse game, may be usable in other games. I say MAY, as this will vary from game to game, and as more complex Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs... explained later) show up, possibly only within genres.

Some of the cool titles on board, with over a hundred in development!

Either way... at its core, when you buy a Multiverse item from ANY game in the Multiverse, it will bare minimum have a melt value, and likely be usable in other games as well... potentially EVERY SINGLE ONE OF EM!

Did I mention that you will be able to trade/ exchange/ sell them?

I hope you read that a few times, and really absorbed it... beacuse its HUGE, from both sides of the table!

From the gamers perspective, you just got a few things...

One – Security, knowing that your gaming is now an investment!

Two – Your gaming is now an investment! The game model is no longer "Pay to Play"!

Three – No more shady paypal deals gone sideways. Legitimate transfer of ownership if you want to bail.

Four – Access to a whole Multiverse you can use that item in... not just one game, why would you want to bail???

Five – At its core, you are buying a special cryptoasset, which has programming code in it. (That cool NFT thing I mentioned earlier. A whole article topic!) This can be recognized among different games and do different things in each... Which brings up the next thought…

An example of how the NFT may change from game to game

From the Developers perspective, you just got a giant headache... but only if you're a pessimist. What you really just got... is access to a giant marketing network of people who love their games. Let’s say that you just rocked out your first moderately successful game, and want to take a shot with another game... you can accept items from every game, at least some basic ones... now all the people in those games, are aware of yours as well! To the game developers, the Multiverse presents an organization of gamers for you to advertise to…

Now that you understand a little bit more about the Multiverse… how could you NOT think that this would greatly benefit ANY game which wanted to join the Enjin Multiverse!

Its where the gamers are.

Its free marketing.