We all know the 3 best Batle Royale. (Fortnite, PUBG y Blackout). But its mobile version leaves a lot to be desired and does not put them in the highest position. They can be so focused on keeping the main game, that they have little space for the other versions, although there is a Batle Royale that is breaking the records in mobile phones. This time the protagonist, is none of the mentioned.

Fortnite and PUBG have their version for phones, but a simple view of these games and we realize that the gameplay is very lacking. The other companies have already noticed and are struggling to abacar this place.

There is a game that is very close to achieving it: Battlelands. Its main strength is that it is free and many players are giving it their chance.

The game has all the weapons you can imagine: Rifles, rifles, pistols, large shotguns and much more. With their growing popularity, they have taken out the epic and legendary weapons.