There are many hypotheses about this new skin.

After a lot of waiting the season 7 of fortine is ready and with its last image a new track appears on a skin.

There are many hypotheses about this new skin. I only mention the most convincing.

With the arrival of Christmas the fearsome men of the snows has awakened. This may be the most absurd hipotecis, but not very far-fetched, if the werewolf exists. Why can not the snow man exist?

Some mentioned that it is a retired military man, who wore a fur coat of a polar bear, but this does not convince me since the appearance at first sight is not human.

But the hypothesis of a man, can be very real, if we look at the image we can appreciate an airplane. Then he could be a veteran military man, armed to the teeth.

What will be the new Skins? We will only know when playing.