The legend returns in 4k.Since its launch in 2003, Warcraft III has been more alive than ever. Being one of the oldest games that still perseveres today. The arrival of StarCraft: Remastered and its success on sale. I contribute a lot to the development of this game.

Warcraft III was a precursor to the current MOBA Dota 2. The launch date is for mid-2019 and will have a price of 40 Euros. Warcrat III: Reforged is the 100% game update. As much as voices, textures and characters.

It also implements a new map editor for the community to create its own fascinating stories.


in other news

Immortal Devil, Blizzard's great mobile experience

Blizzard continues to attack the games market now with its new version of Diablo for devices. The game will be a massive multiplayer that the company seeks to monopolize the market. Something very ambitious but they can achieve. The story focuses on the 2 most popular versions Diablo II and Diablo 3

With this they will seek to introduce all new players into the saga and prepare them for the arrival of Diablo IV.