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Guncon Namco- design by Ran

These days I had a small block for what concerns the sports drawings ... maybe too many ideas in mind ... maybe I'd like to have a section dedicated to sports design here on Scorum .... maybe or I think my drawings are not essential here on Scorum ..... anyway today I wanted to bring my design of the Guncon designed by Namco for the console PlayStation .... This console for me was a real revolution after playing with Nes and Snes managed buy the newly released PlayStation .... I remember a demo about 3D dinosaurs ...

Whole afternoons spent playing with my friends ... good memories ... one of the favorite games was Winning Eleven,

Anyway, back to my design ..

the gun Guncon that I never owned, but I've always been a controller that I wanted to try ... so now I'm designed ... ... anyway, back to my design ....

Here is my drawing

Used materials:

Trattopen black

Black Marker


Step by step

All works and photos they were created by me
Spero vi piaccia e vi possa essere da ispirazione