OpTic Gaming has been forcibly disqualified from eXTREMESLAND Asia 2018. Source: eXTREMESLAND.

On Friday (10/19), one of India's OpTic players named Nikhil "forsaken" I was caught caught using an illegal program, namely a cheat.

The action resulted in the kicking of five Indian OpTic players. Besides that, forsaken will get a ban on playing forever in the competitive world of CS: GO.

"I am very sorry for my teammates, the management of OpTic India, and everyone who gave me their trust.
I feel guilty for stealing a big opportunity from my teammates. Each of them is very talented, but I have eliminated their chance at a place (OpTic India) that is appropriate for them. "
"There is no pressure from anywhere. The reason is that I want to win every game, and become perfect in all aspects of the game (CS: GO).I am confident in my decision. I am confident in understanding this game, but I have never been confident in the aspect of aim. To get that confidence, I chose the wrong path. "

There is a video where you block the admin's hand from checking your PC. There are also reports that you deleted the file in front of the admin's eyes. Tell me what really happened in your view.

"I never refused when the admin came to investigate my PC. But when I want to close the file, the admin wants to open the file again.
And when you want to open, the Windows Defender program immediately detects the cheat and is automatically deleted because it is considered a virus threat.
Another admin came to the stage to check the PC, I backed down and invited the admin to check. Admin presses alt + tab and checks all files that have been opened by me. And finally when the admin opened the cheat program I was scared, which finally I tried to close the file. Saya mengaktifkan itu (cheat) melalui file .rar yang saya download lewat sebuah situs.”

Does your teammate know you used cheats when competing?

"Nobody knows on this team that I use illegal programs, including teammates, coaches, and managers. Because the cheat isn't too blatant, no one has the thought that I'm using (cheat). "
Did you use cheats while doing scrimming at India's OpTic bootcamp? how do you avoid teammate suspicion?
"Yes (I use it). As I have said, it only gives little benefit in terms of better accuracy, precision, and bullet registration, so that it is not seen by those who observe. "
"gave everything I had for this game, I always positioned this game above all else, and today I realized something was missing.
Something that I have always positioned above everything I have cheated on. But one that will not disappear, namely my family and my boyfriend. And I hope never to cheat them. "

What is the next step for a forsaken?

"What I can do now is trying to do something in this life so that I can help my family. I never thought of doing anything other than CS. I will try to correct my mistakes and become a better person. "
That's a snapshot of the official interview summary with Forsaken. Let's hope that events like this will not happen again, both in the international and Indonesian world.
What is the continuation of the Indian esports scene after this incident? Will it be okay or will it experience a major setback?