Susul SumaiL

Another bad news comes after SumaiL's absence from the ESL One Hamburg 2018 event. Uniquely, this also has something to do with SumaiL. Because of his brother, YawaR was also unable to attend the ESL event.

This news is confirmed through Forward Gaming Twitter account. With the absence of YawaR, the team's management was forced to bring the former Fnatic player, Xcalibur. So what is the reason behind YawaR's absence?

It turned out that the reason for the absence of the player was not much different from the younger brother, SumaiL. Because these two players were constrained by visa problems that prevented them from competing on German soil where the event took place.

The player with the full name Yawar Hassan is indeed a support for Forward Gaming. Besides being a role for the core hero, YawaR also has a talent that is not much different from the younger brother.

But SumaiL in his career is arguably more fortunate because there is a scouting contribution from Peter "ppd" Dager. In contrast to YawaR who have changed teams 15 times, until finally steady with ex roster VGJ.Storm.

If EG presents Quinn "CCnC" Callahan as a substitute, Forward Gaming brings Swedish-Chinese player Steve "Xcalibur" Ye. He will be the standard for the position of Midlane Forward Gaming during the ESL One Hamburg 2018 event.

Steve Ye himself now plays for the Japanese esports team, DeToNator. However, the team strengthened by Winter and Xcalibur played in Southeast Asia, considering that the Chinese region has its own competitive title.

source : ESL

Forward Gaming itself contains the former VGJ.Storm players. There is only a slight change on the offllane side with Saahil's arrival "Universe" Arora. A former VGJ roster. Storm who was knocked out, Sneyking now defends the compLexity team and continues to play in the North American region.

Forward Gaming will also meet with Forward Gaming in group B of the ESL One Hamburg 2018 event. In addition, the reunion event will also be presented between Sneyking and ex-roster VGJ.Storm with its newest team, Forward Gaming.

source : ESL

ESL One Hamburg 2018 will take place at Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany on October 23-28, 2018. The event which brought the 12 best Dota 2 teams from across the continent presents a prizepool of US $ 300,000.