Sumber: ESL

After a pretty exciting process, ESL One Hamburg 2018 finally ended its series of events. Since the arrival of EVOS Esports, this event has attracted attention, at least for the Dota 2 community in Indonesia.

Then, several teams met the end, even including which was the defending champion in the event. But ESL One Hamburg 2018 brought the top 2 teams ready to be competed in the final match, Team Secret against Vici Gaming.

Team Secret won the event after successfully winning the 2018 Esports Championship PVP in Singapore. On the other hand, Vici Gaming showed a brilliant game as a representative of China, after the departure of Team Aster.

Sumber: ESL

By carrying out a positive trend, Team Secret seems to be able to show its strength. Puppey and his friends ended Vici Gaming's resistance in the final with a score of 3-2 after falling behind in terms of scores by Paparazi and his friends.

First match

Sumber: ESL

In the first game Vici Gaming played quite badly, they even lost the laning phase at the start of the game. Then, with the use of Invoker which is quite fat, Vici Gaming provides resistance.

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But all of them disappeared after the initiation of YapzOr and MidOne which made Invoker overwhelmed in fighting. As a result, Nisha as a carry pocket kill for the kill to bring a score of 11 kills and 18 assists.

The battle at the high ground was the closing after Nisha bagged a triple kill and brought victory to the match. The score 41-26 closes the first game, 1-0 for Team Secret.

Second match

Sumber: ESL

The second match was more organized, at least for the Vici fleet. The reason is, Paparazi and his friends who took Terrorblade, while Team Secret took the Invoker.

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As predicted, Bloodseeker and Terrorblade combos stopped all Team Secret's movements and initiations. And Terrorblade, namely Paparazi successfully pocketed 15 kills and topped the networth position.

Like the first match, push highground becomes the final result determinant. With a score of 40-17, the second game belongs to Vici Gaming.

Third match

Sumber: ESL

Again Puppey's experiment using Brewmaster in the third draft did not work. The draft of the two teams themselves crashed into the target single, seen from the use of Lina and Necrophos.

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But Paparazi with Luna made a difference by having the highest networth. Even Nisha with the Arc Warden was made helpless, plus MidOne failed in initiating.

With an objective gaming strategy, it seems Luna is the right choice for Vici Gaming. The score 23-13 becomes the final result and Vici Gaming secure the third game.

Fourth match

Unlike the previous match, Team Secret appeared to be insistent on this game by taking Terrorblade. Then, Mirana and Centaur Warrunner became counter-initiates from Vici Gaming's burst of damage.

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As a result, Team Secret was successful against all initiatives from Vici Gaming. Even Terrorblades are spoiled by Team Secret's support, and Nisha succeeds in becoming a champion on the event without even dying.

A score of 26-13 in the 33rd minute was enough to bring the draw for both teams after a tough game from both teams. 2-2 for both teams.

Fifth match

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The decisive match for the ESL One Hamburg 2018 champion presents a pretty aggressive draft. Because the Troll Warlord and Magnus combos are the mainstay of Team Secret, plus the skill area combo of the Wukong Command.

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And what are the results? Puppey's draft was a huge success with a counter-initiate from Silencer. Terrorblade which is usually a scourge in the final match is made helpless by Team Secret.

As a result, MidOne pocketed 13 kills using Wukong, as well as a neat initiation from Magnus's Reverse Polarity.

The final score of 31-13 ended a fierce fight from both teams with Team Secret's victory. Again, YapzOr became the differentiator with its signature hero, Rubick, through 27 assists.

In this case sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, MidOne became the player who received the MBMVP title, and is entitled to receive a free car from the German manufacturer's brand.

On the other hand, Team Secret received a large prize, but unfortunately this tournament did not present DPC points. Here are the top 4 in ESL One Hamburg 2018:

1. Team Secret - US $ 125,000

2. Vici Gaming - US $ 65,000

3. - US $ 35,000

4. Gaming pie - US $ 20,000

With these positive results, Team Secret will continue its adventure at the Kuala Lumpur Major 2018 event. The official major event of Valve will take place on November 9-18, 2018 and bring prizepool of US $ 1,000,000.

Sumber: ESL

Can Team Secret be the leader after their beautiful game in the last few events? Or is it the DreamLeague champion who gave a surprise at the major event that took place at the Axiata Arena? Let's look forward to the excitement of the world's top Dota 2 teams!