Bill Gates, an american business magnate who is the principal founder of Microsoft Corporation and a well-known billionaire with net worth 93.2 billion did notice about Elon Musk's artifcial intelligence research company OpenAI that have achieved great feedbacks from video game category.

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For Bill Gates, the accomplishment of the said company on beating professional players in most games like Dota 2 is really a big deal, which we do know that Dota 2 game is really complicated in terms of group coordination and execution since it is a team based game.

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This will be a milestone that could really put artificial intelligence into the next level and that this is one proof that robots are really capable of improvements and cooperation as well.

Recently, we have already received some news circulating in the internet on how OpenAI beat a professional dota player in a one on one match. But soon it will all change since OpenAI are ready for the five on five match and looking forward on beating The International Dota 2 Team champions this August.

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What do you think about this new innovation and technology that they are been creating? Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) can really beat humans and even surpass them in many ways. This can really be a big evolution that would truly change the way we think about AIs.

Hope to see some of your opinions here and reactions about this.