It was really shocking how much Evil Geniuses crawl themselves in the Lower Bracket after they had been defeated by OG in the Upper Bracket. Many are hoping for a comeback from them and face OG in finals but their roads have been cut off by the furious PSG.LGD. PSG.LGD, on the other hand, live with their desired to settle the unfinished business between their team and OG. And so, defeating Evil Geniuses is their passage to meet OG again and continue their unsettled fight.

Evil Geniuses didn't make it even with one single win against PSG.LGD. PSG.LGD is just too strong to their will of glory that they would try to wipe out Evil Geniuses without any single win and so they have accomplished what they want to be done.

Their game 1 resulted in PSG.LGD win where Somnus`M's Tiny and Ame's Spectre really display a massive action towards their counterpart. They didn't make a single space to make Evil Geniuses breath but instead, they continue pumping them up until they totally finished Evil Geniuses in around 43 minutes 25 seconds as Dire Side.

And after that PSG.LGD played Radiant Side in game 2, and yet again PSG.LGD still dominates the game where Evil Geniuses having a hard time stopping Somnus`M's Kunkka who are going for a streak hero killing. Evil Geniuses can't do much on PSG.LGD pushing towards their side which resulted to Evil Geniuses defeat. Their game ended around 32 minutes 24 seconds which can still be considered as a short game.

We know how Evil Geniuses played and how much they put their all into the match against PSG.LGD, but PSG.LGD is just too strong for them and that PSG.LGD has the burning fire within their eyes to take revenge on OG where they are dropped in Upper Bracket Round 2.

Lower Bracket Finals - Video Source

OG meets PSG.LGD again

Now the championship is at stake and that OG or PSG.LGD will bring in the glory of The International 2018 Dota 2 championship. Currently as of this writing OG and PSG.LGD has a tied winning of 1-1. Each of them is not letting go of their dreams and continue to step up until the very finished of the game.

Who do you think will win and held as champion in The International 2018? Will it be the Chinese Team PSG.LGD or OG from Europe.