Miracle- : Image Source

Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi is one of the notable professional in Dota2 where he played with Team OG and Team Liquid. Most of those teams that he played placed them in either first or second in most Premier and Major Dota 2 Tournaments. During his time at OG, he has shown high level of performances on most Dota 2 heroes which most of the other teams respect to ban those heroes.

He had won many tournaments during the middle of 2016 with tournaments: DreamLeague Season 5 and ESL Frankfurt 2016, that is why his team was highly anticipated to win in The International 2016. But sadly, they were dropped by TnC Gaming.

During his time at Team Liquid and until now, he has been very competitive player where he won several premier tournaments like StarSeries Season 3, StarLadder i-League Invitational #2, EPICENTER, and DreamLeague Season 7. And now he and his team have a better chance to be the winner in The International 2018.

He has earned total of $3,311,374. Playing Solo Middle and Carry at the same time with most of these following heroes : Invoker, Anti-Mage and Shadow Fiend.

What do you think about Miracle-? Do you think they do have a chance to be a champion this year in the International? Hope to see your comments here.