Some of us didn't notice or less notice on this game Overwatch, even though it is being both published and developed by a well-known game company Blizzard Entertainment. Probably the main reason is that dominating games out there are having a huge fan base compare to Overwatch that even it has been release for two years now since May 24, 2016.

Steadily Overwatch gamers increase in numbers around 40 million which i think will overtake other games out there in terms of popularity. The game itself did win several awards,  The Game Awards 2016, D.I.C.E. Awards, and Game Developers Choice Awards.

Aside from those awards that they have obtain and received good publications on several well-known game reviewers : EGM, Game Revolution, GameSpot, PC Gamer (US), The Guardian and many others giving the game with a really good review and a high score rating as per their revaluations on the game.

This game supports multiple platforms : Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which gives gamers a variety of selection from computer to console.

 On the process Overwatch is now officially recognized as an eSport game with Blizzard Entertainment itself help on the funding to produce professional leagues and one of it Overwatch League.

Overwatch League - Image Source

If you are scrolling into the Steam games, you will surely see Overwatch there as well as in YouTube where they created many promotional videos on every characters just to take notice by gamers.

One of the Videos from Overwatch - Video Source

Overwatch League

The league itself is composed of Preseason, Regular Season and then Playoffs. For Regular season there will be Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 for all 12 teams battling in a round robin format. Each matches teams will get corresponding points according to their performance and will be used to determine the champion of the overall league.

The league matches will be played in offline and has the total prize money of $1,800,000 USD. League matches are held in Blizzard Arena Los Angeles.

Participated by teams New York Excelsior, Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire, Los Angeles Valiant, Seoul Dynasty, Boston Uprising, Philadelphia Fusion, Los Angeles Gladiators, San Francisco Shock, Dallas Fuel, Florida Mayhem and Shanghai Dragons.  

Stage 1

In Stage 1 Group match, New York Excelsior manage to get 9-1 standing with 21 points giving the team the opportunity to advanced to Finals while Houston Outlaws earned 17 points and London Spitfire earned 15 points. 

Both Houston Outlaws and London Spitfire fight their way to finals with London Spitfire won with a 3-1 standing.

New York Excelsior - Image Source

On the Grand Finals for Stage 1, New York Excelsior didn't manage to beat London Spitfire where the team performed on the Group Stage. London Spitfire won the 1st prize with $100,000 while New York Excelsior end up in 2nd with prize money of $25,000.

Stage 2

For Stage 2 using the game patch 1.19c and also a round robin format, New York Excelsior earned total points of 25 points with standing 9-1, giving the team advanced to Grand Finals. 

Philadelphia Fusion - Image Source 

London Spitfire and Philadelphia Fusion manage to follow where the two teams matched each other in semi finals where Philadelphia Fusion win giving them opportunity to meet with New York Excelsior in finals but sadly they were defeated. 

New York Excelsior won the 1st place with prize money of $100,000 while Philadelphia Fusion won with $25,000. 

Stage 3

Stage 3 has been really change the way it was on the previous stage matches where Boston Uprising manage to win with a clean sweep of 10-0 standing while earning 18 points. Since the other three teams New York Excelsior, Los Angeles Valiant and Los Angeles Gladiators performed well in the tournament they too advance to the playoffs round where no team did manage to advance on the grand finals, instead those four matched their way to grand finals.

For Los Angeles Gladiators and Boston Uprising, Boston Uprising manage to win with a 3-0 standing giving the team to advance in the grand finals while for the match between Los Angeles Valiant and New York Excelsior, New York Excelsior won with a clean sweep of 3-0 also.

Boston Uprising - Image Source

Both teams Boston Uprising and New York Excelsior meet in grand finals where New York Excelsior has really displayed great performance putting the standing into 3-0.

New York Excelsior manage to win in 1st place with $100,000 and Boston Uprising won in 2nd place with prize money of $25,000.

Stage 4

Stage 4 really changes everything with Patch 1.22 being used. Giving the opportunity to take advantage for teams Los Angeles Gladiators and Los Angeles Valiant with both 9-1 standing putting them into semi finals. While New York Excelsior end up with 7-3 and Dallas Fuel with 6-4 goes to semi finals as well.

 Los Angeles Valiant - Image Source

In semi finals, for Los Angeles Valiant and Los Angeles Gladiators, Los Angeles Valiant won with a 3-2 standing while for New York Excelsior and Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Valiant won with a 3-1 standing.

Los Angeles Valiant won 1st place with $100,000 while New York Excelsior won 2nd with $25,000 prize money.

Regular Season Winners

Each of their points are being accumulated throughout the Stage 1 to Stage 4 matches. 

New York Excelsior with 34-6 and earned 83 points manage to get the 1st prize with prize pool of $300,000.

Los Angeles Valiant with 27-13 and earned 36 points grabbed the 2nd spot with $200,000 prize money.

Boston Uprising with 26-14 and earned 28 points end up with 3rd having $150,000 prize money.

Los Angeles Gladiators with 25-15 and earned 24 points on 4th with $150,000 prize money.

London Spitfire with 24-16 and earned 33 points with $100,000 prize money.

Philadelphia Fusion with 24-16 and earned 13 points with $100,000 prize money.

Houston Outlaws with 22-18 and earned 17 points with prize money $75,000.

Seoul Dynasty with 22-18 and earned 13 points with prize money $75,000.

San Francisco Shock with 17-23 and earned $50,000 prize money.

Dallas Fuel with 12-28 and earned $50,000 prize money.

Florida Mayhem with 7-33 earned $25,000 prize money.

Shanghai Dragons with 0-40 earned $25,000 prize money.


Matches of the following teams are yet to be determined:


 Boston Uprising and Philadelphia Fusion

Los Angeles Gladiators and  London Spitfire


Both Los Angeles Valiant and  New York Excelsior are waiting for their opponents.