TNCPro Team - Image Source

TNCPro Team is the only Philippine Team manage to get into The International 2018. The team have struggled their way and even almost beaten by their sister team TNC Tigers on the one slot remaining for Southeast Asia qualifier. But TNC Pro never let any Filipino Dota2 fans be disappointed where they show what an all-Filipino Team can do. And so with their effort, they manage to get the ticket to The International 2018.

TNCPro Team vs Newbee (0 - 2)

TNCPro didn't make a good start where they are crushed by Newbee in their game 1 and game 2. Newbee really did great in farming more gold compared to TNC. During their game 1, kpii of Newbee using hero Necrophos really into hero farming which gives Newbee the advantage in terms of XP. And in game 2, still, Newbee dominates the hero killing with Sccc's Storm Spirit and Moogy's Clinkz.

TNCPro Team vs Vici Gaming (2-0)

It was a recovery for TNCPro to win against Vici gaming after their two-game lost against Newbee. It was a fast game 1 where it ends around 27 mins and 16 seconds. Sam H, Armel, and Raven of TNCPro really did awesome hero kills, giving them more XP. Their game 2 was really a crucial one since Ori's Tiny seems to be unstoppable but TNCPro did make some initiative to end his owning.

TNCPro Team vs paiN (1-1)

TNCPro lost their first game against paiN where they are totally overwhelmed with Tavo using Winter Wyvern, HFn using Clinkz and W33 using Tiny. paiN really gained a lot of gold as well as XP which is almost in double figure. Their game 2, TNCPro never let paiN get an offset win instead they make sure that they will get to win the second game. Armel's Templar Assassin really do the work for them and let TNCPro win it fast.

TNCPro Team vs (1-1)

VP has been recognized as one of the biggest names of Dota2 tournament where each team will have a hard time winning them. TNCPro lost their game 1 against VP but made their return on game 2.

TNCPro Team vs OpTic (2-0)

TNCPro dominates against OpTic on both game 1 and game 2. In game 1 Armel's Storm Spirit and Raven's Wraith King really did well, gaining more gold throughout the game. 

TNCPro Team improvements

At the start of Group Stage matches in Day 1, TNCPro only ranks 4th the same ranking as Team Serenity but they greatly improve and move their team into rank 2. TNCPro will be facing the top team in their group VGJ.Storm. This will be a deciding match for TNCPro if they will still retain their ranking or they will end up on the lower part.