Tekken 7 Tournament : Community Effort Orlando 2018 is an annual tournament which is a part of 2018 Tekken World Tour.  This event is presented by GEIGO gaming, that supports around 14 popular games which Tekken 7 is one of it.

CEO Fighting Tournament - Image Source

The tournament is open to all ages which does have passion to play Tekken 7 fighting game. Total participants that registered in the tournament are around 356, which is a massive list of players.

Aside from CEO Gaming, Inc. as organizer, it is being sponsored by Rec Room Masters, Gaming Generations and One Frame Link. The tournament was held on Daytona Beach, FL, USA which the tournament organizer make sure that outside the country players have rooms to stay, which they offer some paid rooms for guest and participants of the tournament. 

Tekken Notable Players

In every tournament notable players are one of the highlight registrants of an event. Making it a more competing and interesting rather than just ordinary players.

Guest and Participants in CEO Tournament - Image Source

From Americas : AnakinJimmyjtranJoeyFuryP. LingRipShadow20zSpeedkicks.

Anakin  has won many several Tekken tournaments which includes the major tournament Texas Showdown 2018 as the champion. He is a member of Red Bull Esports team. His real name is Hoa Luu and live in United States and also previously playing under Circa Esports and Stream.Me.

Jimmyjtran also won 1st prize on the major tournament The Fall Classic 2017 and the premier tournament DreamHack Denver 2017. His real name is Jimmy Tran, living in United States and playing under Norcal StrongStyle.

JoeyFury almost in 3rd place to 9th in several Tekken tournaments which still making him a dangerous opponent to matched up with. His real name is Joseph Bennett, living in United States and playing under Circa Esports.

 P. Ling did manage to win 4th place on Texas Showdown 2018. Still an active member of UYU.

Speedkicks win 1st place in DreamHack Austin 2018 using his Hwoarang. He plays under Panda Global.

From Asia and Oceania : BookDimebackJDCRJeonddingKkokkomaQudansSaint and Tanukana.

JDCR is one of the most competitive Tekken gamer where he finishes almost first place on all the tournaments that he has participated. He has achieved many awards and recognition from both Tekken major and premier tournaments. He is currently playing under Echo Fox, his real name is Kim Hyun Jin from South Korea.

Jeondding also from South Korea, playing under UYU team. He won 3rd in Battle Arena Melbourne 10 and 2nd in Combo Breaker 2018.

Qudans the winner of Fighting Games Challenge 2018 and achieved also 1st place awards on South East Asia Major 2017 and Tekken World Tour Finals 2017. He has mastered several tekken characters which makes him an unpredictable opponent. His real name is Byeong Mun Son, living in South Korea. He is currently playing under team UYU.

Saint from team Echo Fox won 1st place in NorCal Regionals 2018 and well-known for his Tekken character Jack-7.

From Europe :  Fergus

Fergus from Ireland won 2nd in major tournament ADFT IX.

Match Up

All Tekken 7 participants battle for double elimination format and base on the point earned, only top 4 players will play on the Final Bracket match. 

Four players that able to acquire more points ahead of other participants : QudansJDCRJeondding and Lil Majin.

On the match between Qudans and JDCR, Qudans uses Devil Jin to be able to beat JDCR's Dragunov with a 3-0 standing. This results Qudans moving to the Grand Finals while JDCR is waiting for the Losers Finals.

On the Losers bracket a match between Jeondding and  Lil Majin, where Jeondding's Eddy eliminated Lil Majin's King with a 2-1 standing.

After Lil Majin manage to win, he will face JDCR in the loser's final where Jeondding held winner using his Eddy while JDCR with his Dragunov.

On the grand finals, a two matches between Qudans and Jeondding ended up with a sweep where in the first match 0-3 and in the second 2-3 in favor of Jeondding.

Jeondding was held champion of Tekken 7 Tournament : CEO 2018.