The Traveler is a playable character and protagonist of Genshin Impact. At the start of the game, twins, brother and sister, traveling to different worlds, fall into the trap of the Unknown God, which captures one of the twins and seals the powers of the other, leaving them thrown out in Teiwata. Throughout history, the Traveler is accompanied by Paimon.

Both twins have blonde hair, a slender build, golden eyes, and fair skin. The color palette of the siblings' clothes is in contrast: the brother's clothes are in dark colors, while the sister's clothes are in light ones. Both have a lot of gold details and star motifs in their clothes.

Eater wears brown trousers, a short brown bib that exposes his belly, and a white cape with gold accents, patterns and lining. He wears brown gloves and bracers and black knee-high boots. His hair is long, braided into a braid, which is tied at the end with a hairpin with a pair of feathers. You can see a long earring on the left ear.

Lumin wears a sleeveless white dress, a long white scarf with blue patterns and lining, and white boots above the knee. She wears long two-tone gloves that only cover her thumb, dark on the hands and white in length, and light-colored bracers. Her hair is straight, cut in a short bob with bangs, with long strands to the shoulders in front. Her hair is adorned with flowers and feathers.

Travelers' clothing contains many glowing details and inserts, the color of which changes depending on what color the character is set to. In the opening cutscene, the details of both twins' clothes glow white. Later, after the battle with the Unknown God, the details lose light and become dark until the Traveler encounters the first Statue of the Seven Archons. When the Traveler borrows the power of Anemo from the Barbatos statue, the details on the clothing are illuminated again, but this time they turn turquoise. The color of the glow changes depending on the element that is currently borrowed, and after visiting the statue of Rex Lapis in LiYue, it turns yellow.

If Elemental Explosion is charged, switching to a character will cause the character's Eye of God to glow. However, in spite of the fact that the Traveler does not have his own Eye of God, one of the luminous details on the clothes (the one on the belly of Lumin and the one on the chest of Itter) reproduces the same effect.

Birthday: This is the date on which players will enter Genshin Impact.

Age: 15 years old, actual age unknown.

Iter's height: 5'4 ″ / 164 cm (estimate based on in-game comparison)

Lumin's height: 5'2 ″ / 158 cm (estimate based on in-game comparison)