With increasing steps, Enjin, the development team this week managed to publish the open source Java SDK and the first Minecraft server connected to the Blockchain - EnjinCraft.

This is already available in the Blockchain test network and all developers who have a Minecraft server will be able to create, manage and effortlessly integrate the blockchain-based assets in their applications, games and platforms.

Enjin wants this to be the first of thousands of SDK edited and used in the billions of devices with JAVA, enhancing the use of the blockchain in games. The structured API makes it easy for developers to communicate with the Ethereum blockchain through Trusted Cloud!

Soon different functions will be available to integrate with the Enjin wallet, as well as the dev or minecraft server administrators to become familiar with the Enjin Spark Program

I am currently investigating a little more about this new update as soon as I have more information and time allows me I will be adding everything I can.

Greetings to all!

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