In this type of ecosystem is usually "Hodl" when the investment is long term

I think about that when I see this type of situation, it is real that it is a bit unfair and it could be taken as abusive to put a tax on the merger of approximately 50%, without knowing how it is calculated when the percentage is higher or lower.

Most of the platforms that have items recuren to a market between users where they can buy and sell both to earn as to recover the investment (totally or partially), and the platform charges a fee for the transaction, that is what to my It seems more logical to me, because it is regulated by the trade itself and as the platform grows, those who holded receive bigger profits or better things for the game.

Putting a high rate so that you do not want to merge your items for my criteria does not encourage investment, because if at any time I want to withdraw my investment I lose half if or if, that discourages and generates fear.

In this time you have to build trust and you are doing very well, having an ally like Enjin and looking for investors in the San Francisco conference.

I hope you have a lot of success in that.