In the gaming world, things don't always go smoothly. Companies get turned upside down, products flop, pro players catch the ban hammer. The news is sometimes fraught with as much upheaval as growth!

Let's take a look at some news from the New Year that hasn't panned out in the most favourable way!

Blizzard Fires CFO

The Chief Financial Officer that has worked for Blizzard for two years was announced to be fired for "unspecified reasons" on December 31st.

The loss of Spencer Neumann is another in a long line of changes to the recently upended gaming company. It all began with the shakeup of upper-level management when the CEO decided to step down. There have been rumours that the main focus since the leadership change has been reigning in the financials and "excessive" spending. So this move wasn't too surprising. However, the announcement was in a way.

It claimed that Neumann was being fired for reasons aside from company financial dealings and he is free to come forward and dispute the termination. If he can prove to them that he is worthy to do so.

But it seems like he has already moved on to greener pastures since it was printed in multiple large papers today that Neumann has been hired as Netflix's CFO.

I don't think he is going to try to repeal their decision! It has left many people hoping they hire someone onto Blizzard that doesn't decide to make insane cuts to all the projects in the works or endanger the games that so many have come to love.

Soulja Boy's dreams might be dead

Image credit to digitalmusicnews!

A pretty laughable bit of news lately that many have been following has been the rapper Soulja Boy saying that he planned to release a console and even create his own eSports team.

It isn't very nice to make fun of someone's dreams but when they are executed in the way that he has gone about them, sometimes it's okay to at least chuckle. Especially when the console he created has been pulled almost immediately for copyright infringement.

Doubly so when less than a week ago he tweeted that Nintendo wouldn't sue him and that the console was "legit".

Image credit to Twitter and Soulja Boy!

Apparently, legit means being loaded with pirated game ROMs that he had absolutely no permission to use, let alone sell under his own brand considering they were copies distributed without authorization. But it doesn't stop there, as he had a handheld released and claimed that it would even play Smash Bro.s Ultimate. (again, without permission)

The console itself is a blatant rip off of other company's designs all mashed together. The handheld looks like the Nintendo Switch, the console is strikingly similar to the Xbox One S. So naturally, to complete the trifecta, the controller is very obviously a rip off PS4 controller. Also, the gameplay and smoothing itself was terrible, which is to be expected with a rushed product made by the company that manufactures for AliExpress.

All of his gaming line is now completely erased from the internet and all links to purchase are now a glorious 404 error. Because, naturally, Nintendo showed intent to sue immediately.

If he does decide to move forward with his eSports team, he better make sure that he's original in that regard! But it doesn't seem like he has learned his lesson since there are still plenty of knockoff products available on his website if you're in the market for knockoff Apple and Beats by Dre products!

Have you seen any unfavourable changes to games or eSports event changes coming into the new year? Do you think Blizzard can redeem itself in the eyes of many of its fans? Let me know below!

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