Food and eSports seems like a pretty common combo. I mean, how can you game and not snack? At least... my fatass has to have a bowl of chips or something nearby to sate the hunger that comes after I sate my blood lust.

Since porn sites and NBA players are jumping on the eSports bandwagon, it really isn't that much of a surprise that the food industry is on their heels.

In my last post I touched briefly on UK KFC hinting at some sort of eSports involvement so when I saw that Burger King and the delivery service, DoorDash was getting in on the action... I rolled my eyes and said "here we go".

Don't get me wrong, I don't think this is a bad thing at all! I mean, I wouldn't mind having a Blizzard happy meal at my local McD's sometime in the future. But one has to wonder... how far will it go?

But for those of you that came here to find out about the deal, here it is:

From DoorDash's website!

So say you've got the unshakable urge for a whopper but you can't be fucked to put on pants and leave your CoD match. The game only just dropped so you've got a least... another week of not seeing the sun.

Enter DoorDash. Not only will they bring you a greasy whopper bag that has almost gone translucent from the onion rings, but they will give you CODES for CoD! After you order your meal on DoorDash (either the Nuketown Whopper Meal or Nuketown 4-Piece Crispy Chicken Tenders Meal) you'll get a code in your email 48 hours later.

NOT the Nuketown whopper... but it should be. OMNOMNOM

Yep, you get in-game content with your fries and you didn't even have to go past your doorstep. How 'bout that? What a time to be alive!

Now, I've never used the service because I've heard the "convenience fees" are insane. I also don't know what the codes actually give you, either. But if it is some kind of BK exclusive (WHOPPER GUN, MAYBE?!) it might be worth finding out if the deal is availble in your area!

And since we are on the topic of food and eSports, I am sure there are some Overwatch fans out there.

If you've ever longed to get your hands on the cereal featured in the game, Lucio-Oh’s, then the time may be upon you. Right now it seems like the the cereal will be hitting IRL shelves in December so you can always ask for some for the holidays!


So who is bringing the Sonic Vanilla spray to the shelves? None other than the cereal mogul (are there cereal moguls?), Kellogg's. Naturally, Blizzard is also behind that as well as the site

It seems like there will also be the same type of loot crate promotion that is on offer with pop-tarts (buy three and get a code) but who knows, maybe it will come with some extra goodies!

They will surely be available for purchase online but if they are hitting Walmart shelves and other stores, it is unclear!

From @gamewatchtoday on Twitter!

However... I kind of want to know what "sonic" vanilla tastes like. I swear if I drop major cash to get anything less than the experience of sucking on a pulsating vanilla bean, I will be kinda pissed.

Keep it weird, Sports fans!
~ Stitchybitch