The games listed here would be considered NSFW and in some cases, not safe for life. If you're easily offended by swearing, genitals, or SJW parody you might want to click dat back arrow!

Anyone that has followed me on Steemit knows the kind of things that I like and what amuses me.

If you haven't and are just finding me Scorum, strap in, things are about to get weird. And also, hilarious.

I've been gone for a while since I've started working a soul sucking job so I thought I would come back with a bang! If you enjoy playing odd games, I've got some gems for you.

Sometimes I find myself browsing around on Steam looking for the most fucked up games available. Well, these aren't those. I will save those for another time. But these are definitely some of the ones that make me facepalm and giggle like a child.

Genital Jousting

This one is by far one of my favorites I've looked at and I will be buying it tonight (and quite possibly streaming it at some point).

Poor John, the massive schlong, is on the hunt for a date for a high school reunion and you have to help him. But let's face it, like anytime I look at a penis on a screen, I am not here for the storyline, or this case, story mode.

Image credit to Steam!

Multiplayer is where it is at. (Giggity.)

Slide around with your other dick-ish friends, leaving snail trails in your wake, while you play sports ball, round up dogs, and pop pills into your... penis-butt? There are tons of game modes and you can play with up to 8 friends or other random online players.

All while ejaculating. And sometimes it is confetti!

Now that's my kind of party!

Mount Your Friends

I feel like this game was developed by someone that might have been repressing some urges.

Pretty much every streamer has played this game at some point, so I wouldn't be surprised if you know of it. But for those that don't:

Think World of Goo... but with muscled men in banana hammocks with absurdly swaying packages. For a game that touts to be physics based, this one aspect certainly is not.

Image credit to Steam!

The object of the game is to join with your friends or other online players and climb atop of a goat. From there, you must make the largest tower possible. Kind of like King of the Castle, but with homoerotic overtones and plenty of sexual innuendo. But you've got to be fast as you take turns rebuilding the tower! If you don't make it to the top, you're eliminated!

There are ragdoll physics at play as well, so it appears to pose a challenge! You can customize your characters and their clothed dingle dangles as to ensure you're the fanciest in the tower of man-meat. Also available in high def 3D!


Can we get an Esports league for these two games, please? Because I will totally compete.

Now for the single player:

Feminazi- The Triggering

Honestly, just the title of this one alone makes me cackle like a mad woman.

In times of seriousness, I tend to think that a giggle is the best way to relieve tension. This is definitely one of those games that delivers such a belly laugh.

Image credit to Steam!

This game is a satirical jab at the culture that surrounds the Social Justice Warrior movement and third wave feminism. It also pokes some fun at other topics.

There are 30 genders available and the ability to make your own! Fat shaming, cultural Marxism, racism, and oppression are all on the menu.

Your only goal is to stop the white CIS man from oppressing others, making sure they check their privilege and that they stay in their lane!

Just don't get too triggered or it's game over!

Fucking yikes.