Almost two months ago, Sucker Punch announced that it was launching a free cooperative game called “Legends” for Ghost of Tsushima this fall. Now, here he is revealing the exact launch date.

And according to what the American developer announced, the new cooperative phase of the game, Ghost Tsushima, will be added with an update that will start on the 16th of October - that is, after 11 days - for free - as we know - for all owners of the game on PS4.

Ghost of Tsushima 1.1 update highlights:

Legends Story Missions: Designed for two players, these missions take you through Gyozen's stories to understand what really happens on Tsushima Island. And as expected, unlocking tougher levels means tougher encounters, tougher enemies, additional objectives and greater rewards.

Survival Missions: Up to four players can join these missions to defeat waves and hordes of enemies in separate areas on Tsushima Island. And staying alive means more rewards.

The Raids: The "The Raid" mode offers an epic adventure of three parts, in which you need teamwork and excellent communication to achieve victory. These missions will be available in the following weeks of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends launch.

Imaging improvements and additions.

And last but not least, Ghost of Tsushima's 1.1 update will introduce a new Game Plus mode. This mode allows you to start the story of Jin again, while keeping all the items, collectibles, and skills you acquired the first time. Of course, the tasks will become more difficult to provide a new experience, "but you can modify it from the list if you want," according to the developer.