Sony recently announced the list of free PS Plus games for November 2020, which includes a free additional game for this PlayStation 5 angel, as well as the PlayStation Plus Collection, which includes a bunch of the biggest PlayStation 4 games.

It seems that Sony wants to increase the number of subscribers to this service with the advent of the new generation, as we learned today that it has sent players a proposal for the service. Where it reduced the price of the service subscription, whether 3 months or a year, by 25%. But this offer is for those whose subscription is about to expire and not for everyone to convince them to extend the subscription period.

Where the player whose subscription period is about to expire or will end prior to the launch of the PlayStation 5 will receive the discount code via e-mail so that you choose a 3-month or 12-month PS Plus subscription and enter the code upon payment so that the extra time is added directly to your current subscription, and it should be noted that it will expire The code is on November 9 and you can only use it once.

Sony is trying to enhance the value of the PlayStation Plus subscription more and more by adding new features to those who subscribe to this service, for example it has linked the Tips feature in the PS5 user interface to Plus subscribers only.