In the past year, rumors have abounded about Bully 2, some of them mentioning that events will revolve around the adventures of Jimmy Hopkins at the university and others saying that the study period will be ignored and focus on summer camp.

Even Rockstar itself has hinted, as some have understood, of the second installment of Bully via an interesting and complex hint of the game inside the GTA V update files, and another hint at Red Dead Online. All this ignited the enthusiasm of the fans of the game and made them almost certain that there is a second part under development.

Today we learned from Comicbook, Gerry Rosenthal, who participated in Bully, said that he does not know anything about the possibility of developing the second part of this game, and no one has contacted him in this regard, confirming that he does not say this to hide something because he signed a non-disclosure agreement as he thinks Other. Nevertheless, he said, he always imagined that Rockstar would actually work on a second installment of Bully about Jimmy Hopkins' college life.

In general, with Rosenthal denying that he knew anything about the second part, this means either that Rockstar really does not work on it or that she decided, for example, to dispense with Jimmy and introduce another new hero. what do you think?