.Watch Dogs Legion is one of the most ambitious parts of this series, as it carries with it an innovative idea that you can play any side character for up to 20 different characters and join them to our team of hackers who roam the streets of London to confront the ruling regime.

As with any open world game, players always wonder how big the game’s map is and what its world contains. Narration designer Kaitlin Tremblay spoke today about this point and mentioned that it is difficult to compare the size of Watch Dogs Legion’s world to the size of the previous parts.

In terms of shape, however, they look the same size and almost the same geographical area, except that the London map in the new part is distinguished from them by being more vibrant and diverse in terms of content and activities that fill the world.

Every region or district in London has a different character to it, and even the population will differ from one region to another. Missions and events.

Watch Dogs: Legion will be released sometime next year, yet to be determined, on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia, and will also launch for new generation devices by the end of 2020.