Spider-Man: Miles Morales is one of the PlayStation 5 launch games that will fully benefit from its capabilities, but at the same time Sony will not deprive PlayStation 4 owners of the pleasure of trying the game, as it has already announced the current generation version of it alongside the new Horizon as well.

But everyone now wonders what are the differences between the current and next generation versions, and what are the advantages of owning the game on the PlayStation 5? Brian Horton, the creative director of the game, answered these questions, stating that by playing it on the next generation, we will enjoy light tracking technology with reflections on the surfaces, and this will not be available in the PlayStation 4 version.

The owners of the new generation of PlayStation will also enjoy more smooth graphics, along with support for DualSense technologies, both haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that give us greater immersion in the world of the game as you will sense the direction of danger in the game thanks to the PlayStation 5 controller. Another advantage is that when you press the "square" to make a punch Venom Punch, the hand will send pulses that make you feel the bioelectric shock of Spider-Man through the left side of the console and it will peak at the right side upon impact. These are things that you will not feel with the PlayStation 4 version of Dual Shock 4 Hand.

Also, do not forget that the enormous SSD speed of the Playstation 5 will provide much less download times compared to the current generation version. Apart from these features, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 owners will get exactly the same content without any shortage or change.