The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game, which was officially announced last August, is coming to us next month and promises us a new experience this time, as it will include a silent character and multiple endings.

Of course, it will include the zombie game, whose details were revealed recently, but today there was a surprise for PlayStation owners, whether PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 in the future, as the PlayStation Blog announced an exclusive zombie game for a year for those named Zombies Onslaught, a cooperative development for two players who go down together In a multiplayer map, you will face hordes of zombies together.

You will have to fight within a specific spot on the map and the defeat of the regiments will move to another area, and so on. Of course, the more you advance, the more powerful zombies you encounter, and you will be able to use your custom loadout equipment, which will allow you to fight the way you want.

With sending zombie soldiers from the elite forces and being able to kill them, your score will increase a lot, and the rank that you will reach at the end of the stage, whether in bronze, silver or gold, will increase according to the number of high-class soldiers that you managed to get rid of. The higher the score, the greater the rewards you will get that you use in normal Multiplayer and Zombies modes.

Of course, the Cold War game is not the first game in the series that gives PlayStation owners an advantage and exclusive content. The last part also introduced them to an exclusive development of Special Ops until this month. It's worth noting that this game will contain side missions with some RPG flavors.