With the way the world is going, in next few years computers and machinery would become rampant, which would eventually make work easier and faster but it would reduce Man’s Labour and eventually make plenty jobless. That’s why while securing a job or career it is really important to choose a job or career that cannot be replaced by a device be it a robot, machine and so on.

From all my findings of jobs and career securing and security, it seems being into sporting careers, crypto’s and individual investment is more secured that any other career or job.

Now, Sport: being the most favorite because investing and starting crypto currency is a little bit difficult at the beginning, same as personal business but having a sport career like playing football, basketball, tennis, hockey and so on is far better compared to any career one can be seeking for.

More importantly, sporting and having a sport career, aside working for the money, it is really fun and enjoyable because everything about sport is so fun and most times challenging, even filled with a lot of discoveries and learning too.

Now, the key thing in developing a career in sport is knowing the exact sport one is good at or maybe the best one, one can best fit in, because not everyone can perform a sport physical but some can write about sport, perform analysis, predict sport, or even work as sports tutor or coach. However, as great as sport maybe or look, it is like any other Career which is, it is not all that simple and easy at the start but it is really fun.