A fierce debate has been happening in the enjin community. Over melting fees. To give some backstory. In the enjin ecosystem. Items in a game are "minted" with enjin. Meaning the ingame items are backed in a smart contract that let the player have true ownership. What goes up can go down as they say. For every item, laser gun, mech suit, sword or sidekick minted with enjin it can also be destroyed for the liquid enjin inside via melting. Like a digital pinata!

As a safeguard for the game developer they choose to add a melting fee. Meaning if for example someone melted a candy skull minted with 100 enjin. A developer can get up to 50% of the liquid enjin back to make more items.

The core of the debate is how high should the developers set their melting fee.

As this is a new space most developers have set their items to have higher felting fees. Between 30-40%.

There's camps with separate philosophies on that.

One says that is too high and shows they're not confident in their work and players should not and will not buy items from that game.

The other camp says its free will of the developer and they're not trying to be greedy. They're using the safeguard as intended so they can keep minting items without having to buy more enjin.

It may seem silly now but nearly 1% of all enjin had been minted into items. As more games adopt this very argument could shift the entire exports and crypto world.

So for this week you have to explain the pros and cons of higher melting fees. Should devs embrace them or avoid them? Think outside the box with your post and you'll get free rares items from me. On behalf of our sponsor Cats in mechs.

Posts are due when this one pays out :)

400 word minimums please.

Good luck!

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With the last edition having only two entries it is anyone's game at this point!

Bwar: 12 points

Voltriph: 6 points

ogreabroad: 4 points

Feedo.dido: 2 points

Kolumbus: 2 points