“Swolesome where have you been?”

Stress eating! Gained like ten pounds.

Jokes aside I have been insanely busy with my pet project. Unintended pun I swear. As you know my primary duties these days are for the community growth and stimulation of my enjin backed mobile game Cats In Mechs. Especially in regards to the telegram group. We (myself and kyle) have recently finished the giveaway for the Cats in Mechs (CiM) community. For every user that came into the chat that person got a mechbox filled with random goodies and for every 50 new users everybodyyy gets one. Lots of boxes to play with!

  • We have wrapped up the final distribution of all items. We had delays with display issues of the users mechboxes and delays on the tech to even mint the items. But those hurdles have been jumped and the giveaway was a massive success!

Time-sensitive goals have been dealt with so now I can lock into my plans for world domination. This contest has been a fun introduction for Enjin to Scorum and vice versa.

We gave out over 30,000 Enjin backed items worth around $1,500 American dollars. All truly owned by the players in their Enjin wallets. The reason for this contest was to introduce Scorum to Enjin and Enjin to Scorum. Now that I can breathe I am going to be resuming the contest again!

1000 Enjin and 500 Scorum is still up for grabs.

My lack of posting has been felt so for those of you reaching out to me thank you for the kind words and concerns. In the last contest post, I had two valid entries to that week's competition.

@voltriph and @bwar.

I gave them two epic items from the game.

Our beloved AI catbot rolled them a random epic each :)

I could have made the pictures nice and pretty but I life showing off the bot in action!

Now the score will roll over from the break into now. I apologize for the delay.

Over the next day or so I will provide the next topic and updated score.

As of now, this contest is officially sponsored by Cats in Mechs! The growth of esports is not only impacting crypto but my life as well. over the past few years I have gone from a semi-competitive esports player competing and hosting Call of Duty tournaments to being a mod for Refereum and now I will be presenting my own game to the world. I have made plans to go to the Game Developers Conference in San Fransico to showcase CiM to potential investors and players. Just got my plane ticket and booked my hotel. Kyle is a veteran in this space and I am as green as panda poop but I am ready!

Let's get it! You know I'm going to hype up Scorum when I get there.