For the past few weeks, I've been sucked into a very addictive and interesting competition. @tuck-fheman started BROCFML where members of SPL and Scorum are competing for the eternal glory and a lot of SCRs :)

I am the coach and GM of the Bills :) Begining of the season was a bit rough for my team. Bills won the 1st game in a dominant fashion but then lost 2 games in a row. I had to do some adjustments so I traded my QB, WR, and LG. Then Tuck helped me adjust my schemes and playbooks (I started learning about American football only a few months ago, so there are a lot of things I still don't understand). And since then I won 2 games :) Bellow is the highlights of the game against Titans.

Freeman scores 1st TD of the game
I got Rivers and Boyd from a trade with Mikey a few weeks ago. And I am very happy with how they were playing.
This was a very impressive run for a TD from J.Ajayi
Freeman's 2nd TD.
Since I traded Brees away for Rivers my WR Fitzgerald is playing very good.
The only, but very impressive TD from the Titans

Although I finished watching this game only a few hours ago I am impatiently waiting until the next one begins and my team will smesh again :)