Good night lovers of Mobile Legends wherever you are!

Mobile Legends is one of the most popular games in various circles. From teenagers to adults, this game is very loved especially in Asia. A total of 200 million accounts are known to have downloaded the game on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Hero Mobile Legends, currently has various styles / skins. The purpose of this skin will provide a buff to the hero, but it is also worth remembering that people's tastes are different, with the presence of the Skin Legends hero skin definitely because there are several things, so it is selected and entered into the store.

For that, we want to show you the 5 best Mobile Legends skins from all the skins that are now in the store. Because this skin can make a hero and you look much cooler in the eyes of other Mobile Legends players. Here are the 5 best Mobile Legends skins you must have!

1# Gusion Cyber Ops

Skin Gusion is a hero with strong super abilities. With perfect preparation, the hero can eliminate enemies in 1 combo. In addition, attacks can also attack many enemies at once. Gusion Cyber Ops comes in October to erase all of its opponents.

source: youtube

2# Kagura Summer Festival

The most beautiful and adorable skin from the Kagura hero, this skin makes Kagura like Japanese girls in the summer! If you look in more detail, the clothes Kagura uses are shaped like koi fish in his pocket.

source: youtube

3# Zilong Changbanpo Commander

A Fighter capable of quickly destroying an opponent's turret. The duel ability is one of the best in Mobile Legends. If Zilong is able to defeat the opponent's Hero in the lane, it is likely that the lane will fall out.

source: youtube

4# Minotaur Sacred Hammer

This skin is a destroyer that is very dangerous, so it is very difficult to destroy. Equipped with excellent self defense abilities from various opponent attacks, so the Minotaur is difficult to kill.

source: youtube

5# Karina Doom Duelist

Karina is one of the most creepy Assassins in Mobile Legends. All skills can be reused after getting Assist or Kill. For other heroes, the effect may not be too noticeable, but this Assassin / Mage is able to issue a very large damage. A reliable Karina can kill the enemy before his opponent can react. Not infrequently this Hero gets Savage in battle, so it's suitable to get the nickname Doom Duelist.

source: youtube

What do you all think, of course it's really cool isn't it?