Mycryptohero is an amazing game based on eth, a role-playing game, or as many know them rpg, in turns, with pixelated characters, there are different modalities such as quest, fight against the final boss, and get objects that can be interchangeable.

The characters, you can buy them if you want to get better results, each have different characteristics, energies, attack, defense, special abilities.

Initially they give you 3 characters for free where you choose the order in which they will be, behind, in front, and in between, each character has a skill, which will be developed as they go up in level.
As you can see in the image the battles are in turn, you can advance to not see the fight and continue playing, it should be noted that the characters have an energy bar, which are the actions that can be done with them, the quest cost an amount of energy.
There are different scenarios, where different objects can be obtained, but minimum levels are required to defeat the final bosses.
These are some of the characters that can be bought in the market

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