Being a gamer in this part of the world is worrisome. The African society in general is not technological advanced as the likes of UK or US and this is the main reason why gaming looks like a burden to us. As gamers, we face a lot of challenges in Nigeria which I have highlighted

1. Epileptic power supply

When you talk about epileptic power supply in Africa, Nigeria is definitely going to top the rank. Right from the days of 8bit consoles down to the consoles we have today, epileptic power supply has been our major challenge as gamers. Most times electricity doesn't even come on for more than 3 days and even if it does, it my not last up to 3 hours. Sometimes, electricity goes of when you're at the verge of saving your game. It's really very painful, guys!

2. Unstable power supply can damage your game

Aside epileptic power supply, unstable power outrage is one of the problems we also face as gamers. Sometimes, electricity come with low voltage when you're playing your games and before the tinkle of an eye, electricity goes to high voltage thereby blowing up your game. I can't even count the number of times my consoles babe been blown up by unstable voltage. This is something we have been facing and that's why most of us buy voltage regulator to prevent our consoles from harm

3. Online gaming hampered by poor internet service

Internet service is a bit costly in Nigeria unlike places like UK where you can get unlimited internet for a slow as £50. Aside the outrageous and frequently data hike we pay for, internet service provider in Nigeria give slow downloading speed that can't even stream online game. Most times we download at 500kbps

4. Gamers are stereotyped "lazy" or "unserious"

Gamers in Nigeria are seen as lazy people or people who are not serious with their future. The typical African parents don't want to see their children player games but reading their books. I can remember the number of times my parents have seized my game because they felt it will affect my studies. This is one of those things we face as gamers.

5. Police invade gaming centre

Most of our gaming centres are not secured and that's some people steal other people's gadgets. Sometimes, the police will burst into the gaming centre and begin to arrest gamers. This is one of those things we face here.

I drop my pen at this juncture 😎

If you've faced any challenge as a gamer, kindly share your experience in the comment section.