Hello everyone

I was just thinking of what to post today and since inspiration came, I picked up my phone and started playing one of those racing games I love playing on my phone.

I've been a game fan right from childhood and that's why I like making gaming post at lease twice a week. I really do like games and I hope we have more gamers on this platform

Without wasting time, let me quickly talk about this mobile game called Bike Mayhem. I downloaded it on playstore and I've been playing it for a while.

Bike Mayhem is a sport game that requires racing downhill where you will meet several obstacles that will derail your journey. As a cyclist, you're expected to be in control of your bike and race down beautiful trails, smashing your bike on roots, performing acrobatic flips and many other stunts

I find this game as a great time killer. I find it challenging because it has realistic tracks and physics. Each time you bump into rough stuff, you have to keep your balance so that you will not fall and that's the main reason why you have to avoid racing at a high speed in order not to lose your control. The more you speed the more you're susceptible to fall.

In Bike Mayhem, there are several items you can unlock to improve the performance of your bike. The upgrade feature improves the energy, speed and grip of your bike. You could also bike a new bike when you have enough funds.


Looking at the game, you can see that the graphic is just normal. The graphics is not bad for a game of 39mb

Game play

As a cyclist, you will ride your way to the mountain on steep slopes, and as soon as you start your race, it goes from easy to hard mode. The more you advance the bigger obstacles you will meet. The game consists of several hills, jumps pads, deep pit, etc.

Here are the good sides I observed when playing it

  • Good physics
  • Very challenging
  • Good control
  • Upgrade 

Bad sides

  • The adds could be disturbing
  • More difficult level should have been added

Nike Mayhem is a game I really do like because it relieves me of bored and also keeps me excited

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 😎