In most racing games, you must have observed that you're probably going to start the race as the last person. Those of us that are very conversant with racing games must have noticed that only a few racing games will put at the front. At least I know of Need For Speed which usually put players in random position during drift, drag race or circuit unlike other racing games like road rash and the likes. Right from the days of 8bit to 16bit and so on, we used to start the game being the last man.

Of course, we all know that coming from behind gives a player some thrill and sense of accomplishment starting as the last man and beating every other player. Starting the game in an unfavourable position makes the game very challenging to the player, especially a racing game that you will have a sweat your ass out to beat the person in front of you.

Another thing I observed about racing games is that during cop chase, they tend to chase other players but not as vigorous as they chase you. Sometimes you begin to wonder if those cops aren't seeing other players but only you. You start from the back but they still focus more on hunting you than other drivers. 😁

I know I'm not alone with this thought but I have always enjoyed it in various games starting from an unfavourable position and emerging the winner. I will like your opinions about starting a racing game as the last man

I drop my pen at this juncture 😎