Customizable courts, uniforms and ad placements.


Everyone loves eSports. Why? Because eSports is HUGE!

But for an eSport to be an eSport, there must be an "e" and a "sport".

Previously I attempted to bring an eSport group to Scorum, but some vocalized their concerns that a video game that plays tournaments online for prizes might not be an "eSport".

I'm guessing they simply don't understand what "eSport" means, but I'm like 85, so what do I know.

Today I hope to go one step further. Not only did I invite back the group some rejected here the first time I brought them onboard, but I'm also going to start a Scorum eSports League for NBA 2K19.

NBA 2K19

The only way you've never heard of the NBA 2K series is if you've been living under two giant boobs at a strip club for the past decade or ... you're a nerd who has a real job (hah what a loser!)

"I don't always play in eSports Leagues, but when I do ... it's with Tuck Fheman."

-Samuel L. Jackson

As you can see, I plan on bringing a star studded lineup to Scorum to play in this League! I can't make any guarantees my buddy* Sam will come play, but I will make an effort by reaching out to him by having my gril call his gril and stuff.

So the bottom line is, we need more players! Me and Sam are tired of playing 1 on 1 and want to get a big league going. If you have NBA 2K19 on XBox 1 or plan on getting it in the coming week (or so) please let us know in the comments section below.

Custom Teams

One of the coolest things about NBA 2K19 is the MYLeague mode where you can create a Custom Team and take them online to play an entire season and Playoffs.

Take a look at my current uniforms (you can mod 3) and court (above) for BRO Sports.

100 SCR Prize Pool

At the minimum I'd like to get 4 players signed up, but hopefully at least 8. I'm offering up a 100 SCR Prize Pool in whatever format we decide upon.

I'll be making some more post with more details as things progress and see if we can get enough players interested. If we get up to 8, I will increase the prize pool. Right now my plan is to make sure everyone who puts time into this wins some SCR for playing and the winner receiving the lions share.

Let me know below if you're interested!

*I cannot confirm or deny that the guy in the dark strip club I met was Samuel L. Jackson or just a dude that looked like him, but you can probably guess.

Disclaimer : I don't proofread.


I just created a BRO Sports Scorum Community on XBox 1. To join

  • Goto COMMUNITY tab on XBox 1
  • Select Clubs on XBox
  • Select Find a Club
  • Search for "scorum"

Update 2

Here's some Custom League action from my current league ...

2 games, 1 away and 1 on my custom BRO Sports court.