Conference Championships

Let's get the 4 Teams who were "in the money" out of the way before we cover our BRO Bowl Champion for 2019. This was a great season which saw so many teams still in the hunt down to the last game of the season, which kept more BROwners interested.

I'd like to thank all of the BROwners for playing along, but especially those who were active and made adjustments to their team if necessary, some didn't need any. You guys/gals are why this is fun. I love seeing the competitive spirit in others!

AFC Conference Championship Game

The Broncos came in trying to repeat as BRO Bowl Champions from Season I, but they had their hands full traveling to meet the Buffalo Bills in a snow storm and it took Overtime to do it.

Gordon gave the Broncos an early lead going untouched for a 54 yard run after finding a hole and spinning a Bills defender out of his shoes. As Chris Berman would say "Whoop!".

Gordon goes untouched giving Broncos early lead.

They would go back and forth, but in the 3rd the Broncos try to increase their lead only to have the Bills Joyner pick off Brady to swing the momentum back to the Bills who tied the game up at 20 shortly thereafter.

Joyner picks Brady keeping the Bills hopes alive.

The Broncos would add another score only to have the Bills tie it up 27-27 late in the 4th, and on to overtime we went. Once there it didn't take long for the Broncos Tom Brady to deliver the game winner giving the Broncos their second trip to the BRO Bowl in so many years.

Brady with the OT game winner.

NFC Conference Championship Game

In our NFC game the Saints traveled to Minnesota to face the Vikings and right off the bat the Saints had the run game going with an 80 yard TD from Murray to take a 10-0 lead in the 1st quarter.

Late in the 2nd Qtr with the Vikings trailing 10-7, Trufant gets the break they need with a diving interception in the endzone off Matt Ryan.

But early in the 3rd Qtr it looked like the Vikings would be getting all of the breaks as Engram takes a tipped pass for a 42 yard score to take the lead 21-17.

Late in the 4th the Saints are up 23-21with the Vikings mounting their 2 minute drive for the win, but Nelson has other plans as he takes a wayward pass from the Vikings QB to the house after a 41 yd return.

All Conference Champ Highlights

Relive both Conference Championship games with the best highlights from both games.


The Broncos came in riding a long win streak to end the season and demolishing the regular season win leader in the Texans in the Divisional Playoffs and taking out the Bills in OT in the Conference Championship.

While the Saints almost snuck in unnoticed, almost making you say "Who dat?!". But they weren't sneaking out on the field as they took care of the Redskins then handily dislodged the Vikings from their hopes of winning it all.

Instead of me breaking down every score, I think this game deserves a full view in it's entirety, so here it is below for your enjoyment. I've included all the highlights as well underneath.

BRO Bowl II - Full Game

BRO Bowl II Highlights

Congratulations to @davor27 Saints!

  • 1st : 275 SCR @davor27
  • 2nd : 100 SCR @broncofan99
  • 3rd : 75 SCR @goldhunter1
  • 4th : 50 SCR @tadas

See you next season!