It's that time again, the BROCFML Season 4 is upon us finally after a long summer off. This season we tee it up with 9 Owners and a few new twist. Each team this season has chosen a second team that will serve as a practice squad of sorts, from which the Owner can trade 1 player each week for 8 weeks to their main team.

Source : Wikipedia

This is going to create 9 Beast Mode teams that will battle it out for the playoffs. And this season is 3 times sweeter than the previous one's thanks to a 1,000 SCR donation from @mikey to sweeten the prize pool.

  • 1st Place : 900 SCR
  • 2nd Place : 300 SCR
  • 3rd Place : 225 SCR
  • 4th Place : 75 SCR

And that's not all, @kryptokeeper is also throwing in 100 SCR (or more) for stats leaders in certain categories


We've already kicked Pre-Season off and you can view a few of the Week 1 games below. Livestreams will be posted throughout the season along with some of the best highlights we can find. So be sure to follow all the action here or on to see who takes home the trophy this season!

Texans @ Chiefs

Saints @ Jaguars


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