Have you ever dreamed of owning your own MLB Team?

Well now you still can't!

But you can simulate "owning" one by joining BRO League Baseball (BROLB)!


BROLB is a simulation baseball league that is run using MLB The Show 18. We are using an All-Time Greats Roster file, which means every single team will be loaded with some of the best players in Major League Baseball history!

Prize Pool

  • League 1 : 750 SCR Prize Pool
  • League 2 : 1500 SCR Prize Pool
  • League 3 : TBD
  • League 4 : TBD
  • League 5 : TBD

Sample Game

Last nights NL Wildcard Game between Cubs & Giants

How Does It Work

I'll be honest with you ... I'm winging it as usual. :) That's where you come in. We've run a test season and everything went fine, so I don't really expect any hiccups, but they do happen (just ask @tadas). But I need some help in running some more test to get this perfected.


  • You can pick up to 2 MLB Teams. (See List of Teams below)
  • Your Entry Fee must include the Team(s) Name(s) & League # in the Memo to be confirmed. (See Entry Fee below)
  • The blockchain will determine teams on a first come, first served basis.
  • Team list will be updated as often as possible. Use the blockchain to check for teams taken prior to sending your entry fee.
  • Full Entry Fee for a team = confirmed. (See Entry Fee below)
  • You can only own 1 Team in each League AL or NL.
  • You can participate in multiple BROLB's.
  • The same simulation will be used for all BROLB's. This means choosing the same team(s) in multiple leagues is not to your advantage.
  • There will be a streamed AI Fantasy Draft to start the BROBL season.
  • AI controls team roster/lineup/rotation.
  • No human trades or roster moves.
  • No AI trades.
  • DL in Both Leagues cuz we're progressive like that.
  • No requirement on you to do anything but watch, have fun & hopefully win The Show!

Live Streaming

  • Regular Season Stream : Opening Day for all teams.
  • Regular Season Stream : 1 late season game per team in contention for Playoffs.
  • All Playoff Games Streamed.
  • Regular Season Stream Type - Fast Sim (~1 hour games)
  • Playoffs Stream Type - Hybrid Broadcast (~1:45 hour games)
  • World Series Stream Type - Full Broadcast (~2:00 hour games)

Start & Duration

  • The BROLB Season 2 will start the AI Fantasy Draft  on or before February 25th depending upon how many leagues fill between now and then.
  • Approximate completion time : 2 Weeks.

Entry Fee

  • League 1 : 25 SCR per Team (limit 2)
  • League 2 : 50 SCR per Team (limit 2)
  • League 3 : Opened and Entry Fee set by 1st Owner to send Entry Fee.
  • League 4 : Opened and Entry Fee set by 1st Owner to send Entry Fee.
  • League 5 : Opened and Entry Fee set by 1st Owner to send Entry Fee.

Send Entry Fee to @tuck-fheman

Team List

Check the blockchain to see if your team is taken prior to submitting your picks.

I will update this list as often as I can, the blockchain has final say.

Tuck is covering Futureminds buyin for being a BRO.


In the near future I hope to have a Discord bot to handle all of this. For right now this is going to have to do while I get everything laid out. Sorry for the mess, it will get better each time (I hope)!

UPDATE 2/25/19

The League did not fill so I have returned the funds to bethalea, bwar, amos811, broncofan99 and kryptokeeper. We will do this a different way in the future or just continue doing it as a private thing in Discord when time allows.