We've all seen it, you go to your favorite news site and you get flooded with left, right, and top banners all aggressively trying to redirect you to your last Amazon search item. They want you to press buy at any cost.

People, myself included, are tired of seeing ads all over the place. We get to see them on TV, we hear them on the radio, we see them online; it's everywhere. I was trying to find a way to promote Scorum without it being too intrusive and I think I found it.

I believe multiplayer games are a great way to promote to a huge number of people without it being too offensive. Let me explain.

In many games, you see the player's name right on top of them. I thought to myself, "hey if I put Scorum in there, I guess that could help bring people to the platform". My process was, the more people see the name, the more it becomes viral. And what if I win and make my team proud? And what if, let's take Brawl Stars as an example, you can be a Star Player for everyone to see for 5 seconds? Isn't it a great way to make promotion?

F**k yes!

So it's been 2 weeks I play every day trying to level up my characters. I must've played like 200 games, and each game has 6 players (myself included). So let's make a little calculation here (oh wait that's easy).

200 * 5 = 1000.

So in 2 weeks, I've reached a potential of 1000 users. If only 1% of them came to the site, that's 10 users. Well, I'm telling you, I think we need those 10 users. I think we need a thousand users. And I'm gonna continue doing it until I get bored of the game and then take on the next big successful multiplayer game.

This idea could also work for any videogame as long as it is online. There are even games where there are 20 people in one single match. Fortnite would also be a good candidate in my opinion.

Anyway, I hope you find the idea interesting and if you want to join me in doing this I think we could really make this work. If you do join my discord channel here and let's chat!

For iPhone users get the game here
For Android users get the game here
For the PC gamer, there is also a way to play. You can get it here.