CyA Games has achieved a big deal. Platinum Games and Arc System Works, both of which have been involved in action and fighting games, have unveiled two new PS4 games based on their mobile masterpiece 'Grand Blue Fantasy'.

On September 15th, CyA Games introduced new PS4 games based on 'Grand Blue Fantasy' through 'GranBlue Pass 2018' held at Makuhari Messe, Japan. 'Grand Blue Fantasy' is a mobile social RPG released by Saim Games in Japan in 2014. It attracted a variety of characters with attractive illustrations and appealing to different charms. We collect various characters divided into seven kinds of attributes, and based on this, they organize their favorite parties and proceed with the story.

First off the veil is the action RPG 'Grand Blue Fantasy LiLink'. Interplay between CyGames and Platinum Games will feature characters from the original character, including 'Catarina', 'Lilia', 'Rain', 'Lacam', 'Io', 'Eugen', 'Rosetta', 'Grand Blue Fantasy' .

According to the play video released on the spot, 'Grand Blue Fantasy Reink' is based on 4 person party play. In particular, if each character completes a combo using the technique at the right place, it can cause powerful damage to the enemy. In the meantime, it was fun to deal with a huge boss. 'Grand Blue Fantasy' director Tetsuya Fukuhara added that he will also support 4-player multiplayer through interviews conducted through a Japanese game magazine.

The next game to be introduced is 'Grand Blue Fantasy Busters' created with Arc System Works. Although the details are not yet disclosed, "Katarina", "Charlotte", "Lancelot" and "Perry" appear with the hero in mind and aim to make good use of unique elements to satisfy the original fans. It is also important to provide fun for e-sports.

"Grand Blue Fantasy Versus" of the two games is expected to be released in 2019, "Grand Blue Fantasy Link" is not yet decided. It is noteworthy whether the console action RPG and Grand Blue Fantasy, which enter into a fighting game, will achieve the desired achievement by holding hands of outstanding games.