Finally! Expansion has been revealed and its on the way. Rise of Shadows will be released on the 9th of April which is sooner than expected and that's pretty nice to hear. We got some card spoilers, new mechanics, a new keyword, and theme for the upcoming year in Hearthstone.

The Plot

Unlike other expansions that have their own themes and settings, this time we got the first expansion in the trilogy that will be released throughout this year, the Year of the Dragon.

The theme is about 5 Super Villains that are planning the heist of Dalaran City and are lead by the Arch-Villian Rafaam. Every villain represents the first expansion in every year of Hearthstone and they will be fighting against the Defenders of Dalaran. Like in Mean-streets of Gadgetzan, classes will be divided into groups that will use different mechanics, but this time their style of play will be progressively developed by the new expansions that will be released during this year.

New mechanics

Super Villains will have access to Schemes as progressively stronger cards and Lackeys as 1/1 tokens that will be helping with the EVIL plan.

Lackeys are non-collectible tokens and can be only gained with certain effects like the EVIL Miscreant has.

Defenders will be equipped with Twinspells that when cast, another copy of this spell gets added to your hand and can be used immediately or in future turns.

Return of an "Old" mechanic

In the expansion Whispers of the Old Gods, we had a couple of "Forbidden" spells that used up all your mana in return for a greater effect the more mana was spent. We have one spell like this revealed:

As every time, there will be pre-purchase bundle so if you are interested, go on Blizzard's Hearthstone page for more information.

If you want to see more, watch the Rise of Shadows Announcement Trailer by Blizzard:

This was a quick one, just wanted to share the news.

In the following post I will be analyzing new cards every time they get revealed and see how strong or playable are they going to be and what implications will they have in the newest expansion.

Thank you for reading!

, z3ll