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Exclaimed! These are the 5 Strongest Heroes of the Hardest AOV Clone Battle Lose!
Since the beginning of the Arena of Valor released a year and a half ago, you must be bored with game modes that use different heroes between players. Luckily this time Tencent released a new game mode, you can now play the Battle of Clones AOV in Quick Match. In the AOV Battle of Clones, you with other Challengers will play normal matches with the same hero in one team. Hero determinants are used through the selection of the most chosen heroes by team members. When choosing a hero, you and your teammates don't know what hero will be used by the opposing team. Maybe you can guess some of the free heroes given by the AOV in that week, so they can anticipate the weaknesses of the chosen hero. Even so, we have found 5 very powerful heroes for you to play in the Battle of Clones AOV. As long as you can play a team together, using that hero can certainly be won! Who are they? Here are the 5 strongest heroes in the Battle of Clones AOV, just look!Arthur Arthur's ability is very strong in the Battle of Clones mode. Just imagine if 5 Holy Guards were about enemies, you could see enemy blood leaking like a water tap! Not to mention Arthus is very strong against single targets. Once you attack the enemy with Righteous Fervor and are followed by the Holy Guard, the enemy's blood is definitely a little left and just use Deep Impact to end the movement! At least Arthur is very Tanky if he fights physical damage heroes. Thanks to his passive skill ability that provides bonus armor, Arthur can reduce their attacks during teamfight! You also have to know that none of Arthur's skills use Mana, so that one Arthur team can spam skills until the end of the game without needing to refill Mana. 2. Mganga Mganga's great and unique abilities in zoning, and can damage both teams to be the second hero you must choose if you want to win in the Battle of Clones AOV. All of his skills were very deadly if he could mark the enemy repeatedly with his poison. The more Voodoo Marks on the enemy, the more damage will be generated! Imagine 5 Mganga gathering in a lane and throwing lots of poison into your hero, don't expect to live long! AoE Mganga's ability is perfect for this mode. This hero can deal great damage without fear of death, because of his skill that can heal a teammate. 3. Wiro Sableng One Wiro Sableng in battle alone has troubled the enemy, what if there are five! Just killing him is difficult because his passive skill 212 can rise from death. Not to mention the ability of Wiro is very scary if played in the Battle of Clones AOV. His Sunray Fist alone could produce a thousand damage, if there were five it was certain that the enemy team that was gathered would be crushed to the ground! Using Wiro in this mode is better with build tanks, because a strong body defense and can stand for a long time in a fight has become a victory in playing Wiro at AOV. All enemies will be easily made mentally into the air without stopping, if you have met five Wiro in one game, it's better to just give up. Unless the enemy team also uses Wiro, 10 Wiro in one match will be what it sounds like? 4. Grakk If you see 10 Grakk in one match and attract each other. For those of you who have played MOBA games for a long time, you will remember one arcade game that is exactly the same. Play Grakk one team in this mode like playing fishing games! The Devil Chain will haunt the entire Horizon Valley map, and the enemy will be more careful and avoid the five rods. Not only that, Grakk also has high durability. This hero can also get an HP every time you kill or assist, the passive effect of the Devil Chain is really scary! 5. Jinna Here is a place to show genuine abilities from Jinnar. He can give great magic damage and also has a wide AoE. Not to mention when using Nirvana's flagship skill, Jinnar gets 15% damage reduction plus 5% of each hero in his area and increases 80% movement speed. That's just one skill, what if it's a combination of skills? Plus there are five Jinnar numbers! Battering Beads is sure to give poke damage and added Silk of Pain for additional damage while slowing down the enemy. Both of his skills can make enemies unable to escape Nirvana. Jinnar Five together can gnaw all enemy heroes without fear of missing the aiming skill! Which hero do you think is the most powerful to use in the Battle of Clones? Do you have your own mainstay hero that is stronger than the hero above?

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