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Black Ops 4: Black Out Tournament!
The long awaited Black Ops 4 was finally released October 12, 2018. Now with this game finally out, I expect to see more eSport tournaments. Doritos Bowl Blackout 2018 The creators of Black Ops 4 and Doritos are collaborating together to host a 'Doritos Bowl Blackout Tournament'. This tournament will have popular player, such as Nina and DrLupo. Competitors in the tournament will be competing for a prize of a whooping $250,000. Format Four groups will drop into the Blackout map alongside public players. Likewise any Battle Royale game, they will loot up and try to be the last one surviving. Fans will be able to join the tournament, of course after the 4 groups have already entered the game The 4 groups will experience 4 waves where they will hope to score the highest points they can The top 10 competitors will be awarded The team with the most points combined will be crowned winner! Scoring 1 kill = 1 point Top 10 = +0.5x Multiplier Top 5 = +0.75x Multiplier Top 3 - +1.25x Multiplier Teams The Doritos Bowl will include four squads, every one of which will have one squad leader and three partners of their decision. Since the groups were formally reported on September 14, the majority of the players have had a lot of time to prepare and play together in front of the competition. Team Ninja Ninja Josh OG Gold Glove Fearitself Team Shroud Shroud Just9n Chocotaco Chad Team CouRage CouRage Karma TeePee Hysteria Team Lupo DrLupo Annemunition Mad Ruski Ninja with no L Which Team do you think will win Doritos Bowl Blackout? I think Team Lupo will win, because he is the best player out of these 4 teams. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. Want to watch Dorito Blackout Bowl Live? It will be live October 27, 2018.

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