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China to Establish Esports Work Council
China plans to create an esports "work council" through their Internet Association Department, with good implications for the gaming industry. China has the world's largest PC market, worth $6 billion and has a steadily improving and growing internet and gaming infrastructure. This could be a catalyst for the esports industry and the tokenization of video game assets on blockchain. Game companies including Activison Blizzard and Electronic Arts (EA) have suffered recent losses and changes to their business partners and models. Large Chinese gaming companies like Tencent have been growing organically and through acquisitions, and may pursue cryptocurrency tokenization or integration in future games. Tencent itself is looking to purchase 2 major cryprocurrency exchanges that could make tokenization easier and a part of future projects: China's large video game market and culture are now being officially supported by numerous government departments with this move. This could spur game development including cryptocurrency-token based gaming system that could boost Ethereum, EOS, STEEM and Scorum. The "work council" itself will likely serve as a development impetus for revenues from gaming and infrastructure for the Chinese to game. More good news for esports and the tokenization of video games. CZ, the CEO of Binance commented on the future tokenization of video games, and his admiration of Steem Monsters. Steem Monsters and Drug Wars, two recent token games on the STEEM blockchain have solidified their place in the top 5 ranking on State of the Dapps. Scorum has the chance to use this to its advantage by further creating gaming ecosystems on its blockchain. This is great news. Sources: Picture from Pixabay.