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Daily contest: EN- Do you want to earn ESBC? the cryptocurrency of bets E-Sports 3/5/2019
ESBC the cryptocurrency that is causing a lot of buzz in the world of cryptocurrencies! It has a system of masternodes and proof of stake! which you can earn it just by having it saved on your wallet, but here we will not talk about this since at the end of this post I will leave a link to my steemit account so they can see what the currency itself is about, in this post we will do a contest of DAILY FORM if as you read daily you can participate to be the lucky people to earn 5 ESBC if you friends 5 coins of ESBC daily with just doing a few simple steps. With this reward you can take it to the esbc platform and make your bets to get more or you can also change it by scorum in the exchanges RULES TO PARTICIPATE: 1. VOTE THIS PUBLICATION 2. FOLLOW ME 3.IN THE COMMENTS TO PLACE SCREEN OF SCREEN OF YOUR VOTE TO YOUR WALLET OF ESBC WHICH YOU CAN OBTAIN BY DOWNLOADING THE WALLET OF THE OFFICIAL PAGE OF ESBC OR IN THE EXCHANGE GRAVIEX AND STEX. 4. TRAIN FRIENDS SO THAT THERE ARE MORE PARTICIPANTS As you can see, these are simple steps to get FREE ESBC. IT'S 5 EVERY DAY! THE RESULTS WILL BE DONE ON THE PAGE to obtain greater transparency with your username. WHEN WILL THE DRAW BE PAID AND HOW? EACH PAYMENT WILL BE PLACED ON THE NEXT DAY IN THE PUBLICATION OF THE NEW DRAWING .. As I said before, you must purchase the ESBC wallet to pay them in the GRAVIEX or STEX exchanges so that they can make the exchange to BTC. MY ADVICE? ESBC is a currency that has a lot of potential and has different ways of winning it mainly in the betting platform where you can bet from E-SPORTS to soccer, tennis BETTER! a very complete coin! What I recommend basically is that or simply save it to have a large amount and be able to do PROOF OF STAKE mining! MAKE NOISE! If these contests become massive, I can increase the amount of daily ESBC! PUBLICATION ON ESBC LINK PUBLICATION