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Dragon Ball FighterZ : My Scorum Game Review
The revolutionary anime fighter Dragon Ball Fighter-Z finished by showing the world what a GOOD fighting game based on a popular show could do. But is your time and money still worth it? Let's just dig a bit into it. PositivesBecause of its rather large nature, FighterZ has too many positive items to list. Instead, I'll cover what I think are the most beneficial reasons for the game. Fantastic Art Style Fighter-Z 's art style is something to look at. The entire game looks almost like the manga / anime is coming alive on your screen thanks to absolutely beautiful cell shading, huge explosions and beams that show fairness. The art, coupled with the close to perfectly smooth animations, does justice to the source material, as opposed to many previous titles that were "good for an anime game "at best, despite their greatness. They did not help the fact that they looked like puppets dancing. Picture-Perfect Replication of the Source Material The strength of the game is more subtle, but I think it's worth mentioning. ArcSystem has clearly seen the ENTIRE show and all the films for this game. With very few exceptions, virtually every move in the game is a direct copy of a move in this show. This even includes some basic movements, such as Broly 's low-heavy and ki blasts, Kid Buu 's underground stomp mediums, etc. The unbelievably and honestly foolish replication is to be praised immensely. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master Unfortunately, FighterZ uses very basic systems, in contrast to many fighting games, in which every person needs its own special circle turns, input button, yadda yadda. All Super and premade basic combos are universal inputs, as well as many special attacks. Instead of being one man who looked at the full circle inputs to Hugo 's Street Fighter, looked up his Xbox control DPad, and immediately gave up, this system encourages the players to experiment with as many characters as they wish. However, FighterZ 's mechanics are also significantly deeper than they appear. The combo potential for each character, including cancelation of the jump, reflection at the right time, correct reflection of the bait, etc., gives so much room to improve.References Everywhere The most praiseworthy aspect of Fighter-Z is the letter of love it has written to fans of the material for a long time. Fighter-Z is totally OVERFLOWING with references, warm interactions between old friends, and if you take the time to really break open story mode, the characters have humorous and fascinating opinions about certain perspectives. Almost every time a character opens his mouth, he takes you back to the show / manga with which you originally fell in love. NegativesWhile FighterZ may be a fantastic anime game, it also offers prospective players no shortage of serious problems. I have listed below are the bunch 's most problematic and I consider prospective buyers to be aware of these things before buying. Story Mode and Arcade are Kinda Sh*tThe biggest problem is the lack of decent content beyond online play. Story Mode alternates from pathetically easy at low levels with AI never moving to omnipotent gods at high levels that can punish you very quickly. Arcade is almost the same, except enemies enjoy a heavy increase in damage by about 40 percent, which still paralyzes even most basic combos. Its the same trashy game design that we all have known and hated. Skilled Opponents Won't Let You PlayAs I mentioned earlier, FighterZ has a wealth of profound mechanics for dedicated players in combat. However, this game is no better than any other fighting game for anyone who is looking for a casual option. A skilled opponent will have an answer to ALL of the things you throw at them and will usually counter you with ease before performing their maximum damage perfectly optimized corner combo loop to keep you unbreakable for more than 30 seconds. And you can't even defend against them, because they also have a response to all your blocking techniques and they can crack you so quickly that you don't even know what went wrong properly. Verdict FighterZ is a fighting game through and through, despite the pretty exterior. Any previous fan of the Dragon Ball franchise will be very satisfied with all the jokes and references they want, but their dedication will be tested seriously if you try to get deeper into the game mechanics. Be ready to spend hundreds of hours grinding away, even to compete with the players you meet online, let alone to defeat them. Story Mode and Arcade are functional, but after a while they have their own clear flaws. I would recommend this only to people who are great franchise fans and who can tolerate the mediocre story fight for the interactions between characters, or people looking for a very good fighting game that they don't mind sinking months into. FighterZ can be a risky purchase for you if you do not match either of these descriptions.

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