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STOX eSport Cup Sponsored by Buff: Predict to Win Share of $150,000 & Question on Fantasy eSports
If you follow my blog here on Scorum, you likely know these two things:I'm a sucker for contests. I like sharing those contests with the community. My competitiveness knows no bounds and I recently came across a new competition that I felt was worth sharing with you all here. A couple of months ago I wrote a post about STOX, a blockchain-based prediction market that gives players coins for making predictions.The majority of events that users can make predictions on are sporting events, and STOX partners with ICOs and early stage platforms to give away other projects' tokens and their own STOX, which you can make predictions with (even if you lose a prediction, you get your STOX back).Stox recently announced their first ever eSport Cup. They are partnering with Buff, a virtual gaming economy platform that gives tokens away for in-game achievements, to host the competition and will award both STOX and Buff tokens to winners.To win, users have to make predictions using STOX on eSports matches and questions. The more you get right, the more points you earn. The more points you earn, the more coins you will earn when the competition is over. Getting started on STOX is completely free. If interested, you can sign up here (this is not a referral link and I earn nothing from this). You will receive a small amount of free, non-withdrawable STOX that you can make predictions with. I recommend placing very small prediction bets on each match so you can make a prediction on every single competition. You will want an ERC20 compatible wallet in order to receive coins that you win.My Question for You I am experienced in fantasy sports, and I've even played in some free eSports-related fantasy competitions. And by "played" I mean that I've made random guesses on the teams and players. My question for those of you who know and understand eSports is, how can someone without knowledge of eSports find information that would help me make educated picks when it comes to fantasy eSports? Any help in the comment section below will receive upvotes. Thanks in advance!I look forward to your responses in the comment section below. I also hope that you'll play along with me in the STOX eSports Cup.

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