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BROCFML Weeks 5-8 Team Updates
Mid-Season We are nearing the halfway point in BROCFML Season 2 and there are plenty of teams in the hunt for the Playoffs. Our last undefeated team, The Jaguars owned by @yazp, finally fell to the Texans who take a share of the Division lead with the win in Week 7. Heating Up The Division races are beginning to heat up heading into Week 8. The AFC South is loaded with talent with 3 teams with only 1 loss, the Texans, Jaguars and Colts. Somethings going to have to give in this Division for one of these teams to take it over. Game Film Need to do some coaching to help your team? Then head on over to the Game Film Room on and view all of your televised games to date! Find out what you need to fix and let The Commission (Tuck Fheman) know what moves to make in our chat. All active BROwners have their Game Film added at this time. If you would like yours added simply request it in chat and it will be up within 24 hours. It pays to be active in The League. Active BROwners get more live-streamed games and priority attention from The Commissioner. Inactive BROwners get replaced. ;)Stay Active My Friend! One trend that's become apparent to most Coaches is ... coaching helps! Teams who have received no coaching from their BROwners are suffering tremendously in Season 2 and it's to be expected. The Fantasy Draft left your team in disarray and tweaking your Schemes to suit your players is almost a requirement without tremendous luck (looking at your Jaguars).Watch Live Games Check out BROCFML Live Action at or Twitch ... Game of The Week 7 Top Highlight of Week 7 Update The site has been updated with the current Standings and Stat leaders. Simply click Standings / Stats on the bottom menu to view them.

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