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Clash Royale: Spooky update January 27th
Moto Dachi Gamers! SOURCE Ain’t a secret that every year video game industry seek to surprise us with innovation and variety. One of today’s mobile games leader creator is Supercell, always causing controversy with their updates. Clash Royale has a strong position within mobile games. What started as a spin off inside the Clash of Clans universe has become one of the most famous real-time card strategy game because of elements within it, its story and - in my humble opinion – the fact Clash Royale has learned from its ups and down, not staying under the shadow of a bigger game. I plan to bring some decks and game strategies for the different arenas available in the future but in this opportunity I bring to you some of the latest improvements that have been introduced to the game, just in case you haven’t been playing lately or want to keep track of this game changes. SOURCE NEW ARENA: Spooky Town at 3600 Trophies. I love Supercell creations when it comes to characters and environments for the arenas. As usual, a new arena comes with a reorganization: obviously, some cards were reorganized to be obtained in this new arena, legendary arena was promoted to the 4000 trophies and chests rewards obtained after this trophy limit has been increased. SOURCE NEW UPCOMING CARD: Wall Breakers. It’s an armed skeletons pair each one with a barrel full of gunpowder. They aim at the buildings and they will crash into them and cause explosive death damage. Although it’s interesting, this idea isn’t entirely an original one since this type of troops already exist in Clash of Clans with some slight changes. Unfortunately, isn’t available yet but it’ll be released in February. SOURCE NEW UPCOMING EVENTS: Year of the hogs and Mini Collection. 1) Year of the Hogs: In this new way every 12 seconds pigs will come out on both sides of the battlefield. Yes, it sounds crazy but still funny, more time will be equal to more pigs. It’s a special event to celebrate Chinese pig year. SOURCE 2) Mini Collection: From a previous random collection of 40 cards, the game forces you to choose cards and create a deck that can be either very crazy or very powerful, everything will also depend on the number of cards you have unlocked and your skill with each of them. IMPROVEMENTS: SOURCECards exchange: This was a very necessary change. Thanks to this, it’s easier to exchange cards because it allows you to select up to 4 cards to offer when you start an exchange, but don’t worry, on the card that your fellow selects will be given. SOURCELimit of defeats: Private tournaments will be able to place their defeats limits similar to every weekly Supercell event, where by losing 3 times you will be out. Tournament notification settings: Now when creating a tournament you’ll be able to share the invitation automatically in your clan. In addition, clan recommendation shows now up to 5 clans where your friends are - last update allowed you to add friends directly in the game and without having to link a social network-. You should know that, although the introduction of this new arena moved the access of certain cards, the ones you have already unlocked will still be available in your personal deck and as an extra point you may now have access to cards that before you couldn’t. SOURCE For more information and details follow Supercell in their social networks and here I leave your video explaining the entire update. Did you like this new updates? Sayonara, my geeky crew;)